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Liming Engineering Consultants was founded in 1984, and has gradually become the biggest construction consultant company in the central Taiwan region. Liming Construction Consultants hold professional technician and management personnel of about 300. We specialize in hydraulic, water & soil conservation, civil, geotechnical, structural﹐ environmental engineering, landscape engineering, geological engineering, mechanical, surveying, electrical engineering, information management, drafting, and general coordination service. Our licensed engineers include: Water & soil conservation, Hydraulic, Civil, Geotechnical, Structural, and Applied geology. We are a company that prides itself on delivering services of exceptional quality and value, while upholding our commitment to customer service.

2017-04 Company Profile
2016-02 Liming Vietnam Ha Tinh Founded.
2016-01 Liming Cambodia Construction & Design Consultants Inc. Founded.
2015-12 “Zhongzhuang Adjustment Pool – Weir Project” supervision, awarded The 15th Public Construction Golden Quality Award.
2015-12 “Tin-Xinyuan Eco-Pond Environment Improvement Project” design and supervision, awarded The 15th Public Construction Golden Quality Award.
2014-12 “DaLu Forest Trail Tuchang Bridge and Typhoon Soulik Disaster Reconstruction Project”, awarded Quality Agricultural Construction Award.